About Us


Kizito and Associates

Helping special needs parents navigate the IEP process.

Kizito & Associates, LLC works with parents of children attending public schools from preschool through high school.  We currently attend in-person meetings in the counties of Wake, Durham, and Johnston in Central North Carolina. 

Owner Kim Kizito, M.Ed. has provided consultations for clients in the states of Virginia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia.  She has also attended school meetings for these areas remotely via conference call.  She is equally effective via conference call and her services have resulted in the satisfaction of many clients in other states.

Meet Kim Kizito, M.Ed.

I’m Kim Kizito, your parent & child advocate when navigating the IEP process. 

I have a Master’s degree in Education and over 10 years of experience advocating for children with special needs.  I have learned over the years how to work effectively with the school system for a positive parent-school relationship and to ensure that the child is receiving the proper services guaranteed to them by the law.  As a parent of a child with special needs AND an educator, I appreciate both sides of the process and can lend my unique perspective in a way that is satisfying to all.



Autism: A Mother’s Journey Advocating with South Carolina Autism Society (March 1, 2018 Podcast)

Kimberly Kizito stopped by the media room where Mental Health News Radio was broadcasting podcasts live from the 2nd annual Converge Autism conference with Springbrook Behavioral Health. Kim serves as an advocate for parents of children with autism. She works closely with parents by attending school IEP and 504 meetings to ensure proper accommodations for the child.