If ever I needed anyone to advocate for one of my children, Kim Kizito would be my first choice. I have known Kim for 11 years and can speak to her abilities from both a personal and professional level. Personally, I have seen Kim in action as a mother of a little girl with Autism. That little girl happened to be in my kindergarten class and there was not a single day that went by that both her daughter and I did not feel supported by Kim. Fast forward 10 years and I was struggling with some issues with my own son. I’ll never forget the day that she simply put her hand on my shoulder in the middle of the parking lot and prayed out loud for my boy. Professionally I have seen her in action at IEP meetings over the years and she presents a wealth of knowledge on resources, laws, diagnoses, services, and kids in general. Her wealth of knowledge comes from her heart for truly wanting the best life for all children. Again, there would be no better advocate that I could recommend to you than Kim Kizito. 

Lindsey Steele, Second Grade Teacher, Greenville, SC

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kim and her children since my son and her daughter were in the same grade 1 class.  She offered to tutor my son the summer between 5th and 6th grade as he was behind in reading.  I knew that her positive, enthusiastic, and genuinely caring personality would be just what my son needed.  Little did I know that through these tutoring sessions God would use Kim to help us to seek out a proper diagnosis, which turned out to be dyslexia, and to guide us through the often painful process of getting the services that my son needed from his public school.  For us, this required knowledge of how the system works and what they are capable of providing as well as the fortitude to persist and not take “no” for an answer.  I am so very grateful to have had such an encouraging advocate in our corner!  

Nicole Matthews 

Kim Kizito came to visit my classroom full of diverse sixth graders. Her presentation was very informative and engaging. Mrs. Kizito informed my students about autism by telling them her experience with her own daughter. They learned that Autism is a spectrum so it can look different in each child that has the condition. This helped my students have compassion for other students that may have autism. We have a high population of boys in our school that have autism and after the presentation I could see a difference in the students’ behavior. One of my students in particular told the class that he had autism during the presentation. The parent of this student personally thanked me for bringing Mrs. Kizito in because she saw a difference in his experience at school right away.  It was a great experience and I would recommend her again.  

Essie Taylor, Teacher, Fisher Middle School 

Kim Kizito is an amazing advocate for students with disabilities and Special Education. Kim was super instrumental in helping me navigate through the process of having my high school age daughter retested, as she felt she may have been struggling with more than just ADHD. Kim’s knowledge, persistence, and understanding of IEPs and Special Education was key to helping me discover that my child not only has ADHD, but she indeed has a learning disability. I will forever be grateful to Kim Kizito for helping my daughter and making sure her educational needs were being met.

Ashlee Tolbert


We were very stressed about engaging in the IEP eligibility process since our school had a reputation for being difficult and we were new to the world of special education. Several friends suggested that we engage the services of a parent advocate who would hold our hand throughout the process and be a strong advocate for our daughter. We were referred to Kim Kizito based on her many years of experience successfully guiding families through the IEP and/or 504 Process. Kim was like a compass who expertly and lovingly guided us throughout every step of the process! She was very attentive to our needs and extremely knowledgeable and made us feel that we had a strong advocate in our corner. We especially loved that whenever the school’s special education team engaged in inappropriate conduct that she didn’t back down one bit and challenged their actions and gave us the confidence we needed to stand toe-to-toe to negotiate with the team to get our daughter the support she so desperately needs.  We don’t know what we would have done without Kim’s guidance and highly recommend her to every parent of a child with special needs!!!

Angela Taylor, Parent/Attorney, Washington, DC